The Registry is one of the key areas of the University and is headed by the Registrar, Dr. Bola Adekola who is a Principal Officer and the Chief Administrative Officer of the University.  The Registrar is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the University and is, by virtue of that office, the Secretary to the Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation.

In addition to the Registrar’s Office, the Registry has four main divisions which are the Directorates of:

i.          Council Affairs

ii.          Academic Affairs

iii.         Personnel Affairs; and

iv.         Executive affairs (located in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office)

The directorate Executive Affairs is being headed by Director in the person Mrs. C.B. Kuforiji.  However, Directors are yet to be appointed for the remaining three (3) directorates.

The directorate of Academic Affairs has Senate and Admissions and the Examinations and Records  Units respectively, while the Directorate of Personnel Affairs has the Academic Staff Personnel and Pension Matters Unit and the Administrative, technical and Junior Staff Personnel Unit .  These units are headed by Senior Administrative staff.

Except for the Executive Affairs Unit located in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, the Registrar co-ordinates the activities of all the divisions in the Registry.  The Registry has a total staff strength of 338 – made of 208 senior and 130 junior – centrally deployed to various Units in the Registry, Colleges, Departments and other Units of the University.

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