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Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Home Responsibilities and Activities

a) Attendance and participation at institution’s SIWES orientation programmes (at College and University-wide levels) before proceeding on attachment.

b) Obedience to constituted authorities and strict adherence to all rules and regulations of the organization where attached.

c) Regularity and punctuality at respective places of attachment.

d) Completion of SPE 1 (SCAF-) form to be duly endorsed by the employer for onward submission to ITF.

e) Proper record-keeping of all training activities and other assignments in the log-books.

f) Submission of Log-books, Reports and other SIWES documents to the respective departments for onward submission to the SIWES Directorate at the end of the programme.

g) Submission of the duly completed Evaluation form (ITF form 08) to the ITF, through the institution (SIWES Directorate).

h) Arrangement of own accommodation during the period of attachment.

i) Protection and safeguard of employers’ Property(ies) & property rights throughout the period of attachment.

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