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Home Payment of SIWES Allowance

Policy guidelines for payment of SIWES allowance

a) Student attachés must be matriculated and registered students of their institutions.

b) They must provide evidence of full and real participation on the scheme.

c) The course of study must be approved by supervising agencies and accredited for SIWES.

d) Student’s name must be in the Master and Placement lists sent to ITF en-route the supervisory agencies.

e) Verification of SIWES logbooks by ITF Headquarters or Area Office Staff must establish that the students spent the required number of months (i.e. 6 months for Universities).

f) Form 08 will be retrieved on completion of the programme from students and forwarded to ITF Headquarters, Jos through the Area Office.

g) The supervisory allowance payable to each institution is computed based on the number of form 08 presented for evaluation and validation.

Steps for claiming the ITF Students’ SIWES Allowance

a) Ensure you submit your bank details – Account No. and Sort code to SIWES office before commencement of your Industrial Training (IT).

b) Submit a copy of your Acceptance letter to SIWES office as soon as you are accepted by the Industry/organization.

c) Fill and submit your Form SPE 1 to the ITF office closest to your place of attachment. Make a photocopy of the Form and submit same to SIWES office.

d) Ensure you fill in your logbook completely to show a minimum of six month participation in IT.

e) Ensure your Form 8 is signed by the employer and institutional supervisor.

f) Make sure your logbook is duly filled and signed by the ITF Area Office closest to your place of attachment.

ITF Forms and Importance of their appropriate completion

There are two ITF designated forms as described below:

(Students Commencement Attachment Form) Appendix IVa

a. The form is to be completed by the Employers and taken by the student attaché (by hand) to the nearest ITF Area Office (See Appendix II– for the list of ITF Area offices)

b) ITF FORM 08 – (End-of-Programme Report Form) – Appendix IVb

The form has three sections – A, B, and C, to be completed by Students, Employers (Industry-based Supervisor) and Institutions (Institution-based/Departmental Supervisor), respectively, before the form is submitted with the duly completed log-book, for further processing to ITF Headquarters, Jos. The completion of this form is evidence of
participation and supervision in the programme

These two forms and a prototype acceptance letter are usually given to students when the SIWES log-book is issued.


SIWES Log-book

This booklet is for recording daily and weekly activities by student.

The Industry-based supervisor is required to endorse the Log-book every week. Institutional Supervisors are to sign the Log-book during supervision.

At the end of the period of attachment, students are expected to take their duly completed log-books to the ITF Area Office nearest to their placement location, for endorsement by ITF designated official; before submission to
their respective institutions.


Vital Information on Health Insurance during Industrial Training

a) All registered FUNAAB students are covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

b) In case of any health challenge or ill-health, locate the nearest NHIS accredited health institution for immediate care.

c) Call FUNAAB’s HMO – Healthcare International on this line – 08052099088; and a code will be sent to you.

d) Call the Desk Officer in FUNAAB on – 0803494285 or the FUNAAB’s Director of Health Services on – 08037198821.

e) In case there are changes in any of the above-mentioned GSM lines, these would be communicated to students during the annual SIWES Orientation programmes.

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