1. Brief History

The sports office was established as a unit in the Student Affairs Division when the University became an autonomous specialization institution of Agriculture by a Federal Government pronouncement on 8th January, 1988. Prior to this autonomy, the institution had featured in many sporting events under its progenitors under which it had existed i.e as sports office under; the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUTAB); University of Lagos, Abeokuta Campus (ULAB), and College of Science and Technology, Abeokuta (COSTAB). The Sports Unit took off with a full complement of Technical and Administrative staff.

2. Primary function and responsibility of the sports unit

(i) Development of physical fitness for all

(ii) Promotion of friendship and cooperation in the University community

(iii) Reduction of unrest among students

(iv)Youth mobilization

(v) Recreational and competitive sports.


(vi) Improvement of International relations

(vii) Sports training

(viii) Mobilization of resources for sports

3. Broad goals and objective of sports UNAAB

The broad goals and objective of sports in UNAAB. Include the following

(i) To promote an awareness of fitness, health, recreation and leisure activities of the individual student and staff

(ii) To provide a forum for free and fair competition based on approval regulations among students and staff of different backgrounds with a view of forging a bond of understanding and friendship among students and staff.

(iii) To develop a conscious effort and encourage mass participation in sporting activities in the university

(iv) To use sports as an element of crises management, positively re-directing innate emotional insurgence of staff and student towards ethical patterns.

(v) To consolidate overall effort of university curriculum in developing “well-rounded” students by establishing sports as a major parameters for psychomotor proficiency.

(vi) To promote movement education which involves spots, games, plays, improved health habit, recreation and dance as a major part of psychomotor development

(vii) To consolidate the overall effort of the University curriculum in developing well-rounded students by developing sports as a major parameter for psychomotor proficiency

(viii) To promote Aerobic, gymnastic and dance activities as part of spots therapy.

(ix) To utilize sports as a medium for promoting a sense of patriotism and nationalism as well as enhancing the social well-being staff and student in the university

(x) To develop and mobilize the human and social capacities of students and staff in order to cope creatively with the challenges of changes

4. Sports facilities available in the sports complex

At the sports complex which is located opposite the university Health Center along the ceremonial road about 1km from the main gate, a conscious attempt is being made at phasally developing a befitting sporting arena for the staff and students community. The first two phases resulted in the construction and completion of the following facilities

(a) Basket court (1No)

(b) Volleyball court (2No)

(c) Tennis court with practice wall (2 No)

(d) Squash racket hall (1 No)

(e) Indoor hall for table-tennis, Judo, karate and Teakwondo (1 No)

(f) Grassed hockey pitch (1 No)

(g) Football pitch (1 No)

The next phase of development (2009/2010) is expected to start shortly. It is targeted at making available, such facilities as:

(a) A standard (50m) swimming pools (1 No)

(b) A grandstand which will accommodate

  • Siting gatery for spectators
  • V.I.O seats and V.I.P launge
  • Gymnasium and weight room
  • Aerobic hall
  • Office for Technical, Administrative and maintenance staff
  • Equipment store for sports materials etc
  • Hydro-therapy center/canceling room
  • Medical/first room
  • Challenging rooms for home and away team with showers, wc locker, magic board
  • Match officials room with lockers, showers wc
  • Lock-up shops and social areas
  • Classic room for sport theory and audio-visual
  • A. holistic approach at site landscaping, drainage and beautification will also be addressed

Phase 4 of development in the 2010/2011 session is expected to address the construction of an 8-lance cinder athletics track with the football pitch insert.

5. Sport and games organized by the sports unit

The following indoors and outdoors sports and games are available/organized by the sports unit.

They are:

(a) Football

(b) Basketball

(c) Volleyball

(d) Handball

(e) Hockey

(f) Judo

(g) Taekwondo

(h) Karate

(i) Chess

(j) Scrabble

(k) Badminton

(l) Tennis

(m) Able-tennis

(n) Dart

(o) Cricket

(p) Monopoly

(q) Opon Ayo

(r) Abule

(s) Ludo

(t) Drought

(u) Arm wresthing

(v) Athletics

(w) Swimming

6. Competitions available

Various opportunity abound tom students and staff members to showcase their talents or develop further in the sports of their choice

They include the following intra-mural (Internal) and Extra-mural (External) programmes.

Intra-mural programmes

(a) Inter-collegiate sports competitions

It is evidently the largest internal sporting arrangement on campus (for students) involving competitions in nine sports (football, volleyball, basketball, chess, tennis, table-tennis, squash, badminton and athletics) among the eight colleges on campus and the sub-degreed programme is an annual event which usually come to a close with final match of the Vice-Chancellor’s cup for men

(b) The annual S.U.G. Inter-department 7-a-side football competition which involves 30 academic departments in the university. Logistics and coordination assistance offered by the spots unit to the sports secretary of the student union.

(c) National Association of Agricultural Students Association (NASS) games: this is an annual events in which all college/Department under the auspices of h Association compete in various sports

(d) F.P.Y Games

Student in their farm practical year programme compete in their groups annul in 9 sports at the sport center

(e) Hostel sports

Annually, student residing on campus take part in competitions such as the hostel leagues, cross-country race, orientation week sports and hostel week championship. The recent extension of sports equipment purchase to the residential hostel by university management has encouraged more residents into sports

(f) Club Sports

The sports unit coordinates the effort of various social clubs ion campus who have embedded sports competition into their annual programmes

(g) Associations sports programme

Annual, Departmental and religious Associations are involved in competitions among themselves either for their orientation week, annual week or special occasion

(h) Sports unit Championship

Championship in various sports also come up regularly with sponsorship form staff members to keep the sports complex busy

(i) Convocation programme sports

Sports competition, competition or novelty, has been entranced into the university’s Annual Convocation week programme. The interest it has generated on campus has proposed a more to shift the weekly staff keep-fit programme from its aero estate sports ground venue to the campus, by June this year.

Extra-mural sports programme

(a) The gateway Tertiary Institution Games (GATIG) which comes up away among all tertiary institutions in Ogun State

(b) The Nigeria University Games (NUGA). It holds every two years in 15 sports (men/women) among over 70 Universities in Nigerians

(c) The Nigerian University Games Championship. These are single sports that come up between one NUGA year and another

(d) West Africa University Game (WAGU)

This event holds every four year among universities in West Africa and in 15 sports

(e) West Africa University games Championship. They are held between one WAGU competition year and another in sports such as, Athletic, Tennis, table-tennis, football, Hockey and badminton.

(f) Federation of Africa Sports Union (FASU).

It is a full continuous continental event which holds every two year. Selection is usually made at NUGA Games.

(g) World University Games (FISU).

The best from the Nigeria university games represent the country. Students from this University had been found worthy to represent Nigeria universities at past events

(h) Friendly matches/invitational

The University teams are involved in several friendly matches and invitational event on regular bases.

(i) Nigeria University Staff Sports Association (NUSSA) Games.

The Nigeria Universities staff sports which went aground after its 1992 Edition in Calabar came back into focus this year (2010)

7. Equipment and materials for games

Official letters of request are written to the sports unit by clubs, associations etc for sports materials, equipment and use of facilities, such requests are received on weekly bases and treated on first come, first serve,. Over 200 football maches are played annually. Considering of more facilities has however assisted in spreading student and staff interest towards the considered “lesser games”

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