ADEBAYO Adenrele Olalekan 


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DVM (Zaria)

* Best Lecturer (Pre-clinical) 2007/08

* Member, Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association.

* Member, Association of Private Practicing Veterinarian

Ajibola, E.S, Okediran,B.S, Olaniyi, M.O,Ajayi O.L, Oluwole, O.A, Adebayo, A.O Olude,M.A; Paraphimosis in a grower pig A paper presented at the 37th annual congress of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association held at the conference centre, petroleum training institute, Effurum, Delta state. Between 22th October – 26th October 2007. [Abstract]


Adebayo, A. O. (2009):The anatomy of the male reproductive tract in Greater cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus)

Peer-review journal articles

1. Adebayo, A. O., Olude, M. A., Ajayi, O. L., Talabi, A. O., Oyekunle, M. A: Mandibular morphological changes associated with Actinomyces viscosus infection in a West African Dwarf goat. Veterinaski archives (In press)

2. Oyekunle, M. A., Talabi, A. O., Agbaje, M., Oni, O.O., Adebayo, A.O., Olude, M.A., Oyewusi, I.K. and P.A. Akinduti. Actinomycosis in a West African Dwarf goat in Nigeria- A case report. Veterinaski archives (In-Press).

3. Ajibola, E.S, Adebayo,A.O, Adenubi,O.T, Thomas,F.C Rahman, S.A, Oguntoke, P.C: Hexamethonium produces both twitch and tetanic depression without fade in the common African toad (Bufo regularis). Nigerian journal of physiological Sciences. (In- press)

4. Gbadebo,A.O Sofola,A.O, Ajibola, E.S, Adebayo, A.O, Oyewusi, I.K, Olukunle, J.O. Biobaku, K.T: Effects of Artesunate on blood pressure and heart rate of wistar albino rats. Nigerian journal of physiological sciences(In- Press).

5 Fasanmi. O.G. Ajibola, E.S, Biobaku, K.T Ajayi, O.L, Okediran, B.S Olurode, S.A, Thomas. F.C, Adebayo A.O: .Effects of administering a combination of Vitamin A and E on both fertility and hatchability in Anak 2000 breeders ASSET (In- press)

6. Olude, M. A., Ajayi, O. L, Adebayo, A. O., Akande, F. A., Olugbogi, E. I: Intestinal intussusception due to concurrent Hymenolepis nana and Dentostomella translucida infection in the African giant rat (Cricetomys gambianus). Nigerian Journal of Parasitology (In view)

7. Ajayi, O. L., Olude, M. A. and Adebayo, A. O: Disseminated Mycotic Aortitis in a Nera black Chicken. (On going )

8. Ajayi, O. L., Omotainse, S. O., Antia, R. E., Akande, F. A. and Adebayo, A. O: First description of Natural Capillaria hepatica infection in a Dog in Nigeria. (On going).

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