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Abayomi Ajayi is an assistant lecturer at the department of the Statistics Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB). He received his MSc. (Statistics) at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta on Comparison of Estimates on two occasion involving Stratification using Successive Sampling. He is currently on his PhD. in Statistics, his research interest includes Model based and Model Assisted Small area estimation of population proportion, Ratio and Regression Estimator, Complex Survey Inference and Distribution theory. He has co-authored several papers in qualified peer-reviewed journals.

Before his appointment in FUNAAB, Mr. Ajayi has worked as a Mathematics teacher with Ogun state government via Federal Government NPOWER scheme, also worked as a part-time Data Analyst Yebatol Global Services helping undergraduate and post-graduate on experimental design, design and analysis of questionnaires and general data analysis by various Statistical Software like SPSS, R software, Megastat e.t.c.

He is a member of Royal Statistical Society, International Biometrics Association, has presented papers in Statistical conferences. He is married with children.

M.Sc (Statistics), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta 2016
B.Sc. (Statistics), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta 2011

Sample Survey and Regression Analysis
(i) Completed
Comparison of Estimates on two Occasions involving Stratification using Successive sampling. (M.Sc. Dissertation, 2015-FUNAAB)
Statistical Analysis in the selection of feeds for Broilers
(Final year project, June 2011 – UNAAB)
(ii) In Progress
A Predictive Model for Poverty Rates in Small Area Estimation for Two Stage Sampling. (Ph.D Dissertation in Progress)

i. Royal Statistical Society, London. Membership Number 123489 (2015)
ii. Member, International Biometrics Society
iii. Member International Association of Official Statistics (IAOS)

i. Nigeria Statistical Society Conference, Calabar, 2021.
Presented Paper: Ajayi A. O., Ayeleso, T. O., Olayiwola, O. M. & Wale-Orojo, O. A. (2021). A New Generalized Class of Exponential Ratio Type Estimators in Ranked Set Sampling.
ii. Nigeria Statistical Society Conference, Osogbo 2015.
Presented Paper: Olayiwola O.M., Apantaku F.S., Ajayi A.O. Comparison of Estimates on two Occasions involving Stratification using Successive sampling.

i. Olayiwola O.M., Apantaku F.S. & Ajayi A.O. (2015). Comparison of Estimates on two Occasions involving Stratification using Successive sampling. Annals. Computer Science Series. 13th Tome 2nd Fasc. – 2015.
ii. Amalare, A. A., Ajayi, A. O. & Olaoye, O. R. (2015). Determination of Factors that influence Child Mortality in Agogo-Ide Area Obantoko, Ogun state. Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics. Volume 41, pg 241-250
iii. Olayiwola O.M., Ajayi, A. O. & Adegoke, S. A. (2016). On A Modified Regression-Ratio Type Estimator for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Populations. African Journal of Science & Nature Vol. 2, 1-4. ISSN 2536-6904.
iv. Olayiwola O.M.., Ajayi, A. O. & Okunlade, A. A. (2016). A Modified Post-Stratified Regression Estimator for Two Occasions and Using Two Variables. African Journal of Science & Nature Vol. 2, 1-5. ISSN 2536-6904.
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