AKINTUNDE Olukayode Gbolahan 

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(a) University of Ibadan,  Ibadan.                                                   Aug. 2006 –May 2008

(b) University of Ibadan,  Ibadan.                                                   Dec. 1989- May   1997.

(c) Ogun State Polytechnic,  Abeokuta.                                          Oct. 1985- June   1987.

(d) Agunbiade Victory High School,  Magbon,  Abeokuta.                   Oct.1979 – June     1984

a. Effects of Gossypol –Trypanosoma brucei gambiense interaction on some plasma enzymes and proteins in male wistar rats.  (D.V.M. Project).

b. Effects of dietary supplementation of poultry feed with Talinum triangulare in commercial laying birds. ( M.Sc. Project)

c. Bello, S.A.,  Akintunde, O.G., Otesile, Effect of sex and age on vital parameters and haematological values of apparently healthy West African dwarf goats in Abeokuta, Nigeria. (Collaboration project).

(a) Member of American Chemical Society (Membership No:30745941) May 2014-till date.

(b) Member of Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN NO:M 2818)            May 1997-till date

a. Akintunde O.G., Sonibare, A.O.,Oyewusi J.A., Makinde A.F.M., Adebayo O.O (2011): Retrospective study (2008-2010) of Poultry cases diagnosed in Veterinary Teaching Hospital, UNAAB48th Annual Conference of Nigeria Veterinary Association, Nov.21st-25th 2011 Ilorin, Nigeria. ISSN:03313026  pg.202.

b. Abakpa S.A.V., Akintunde O.G.,Ajibola E.S., Adeleye O.E (2011): Evaluation of antidiabetic effect of commercially prepared Morinda citrifolia (noni) in Alloxan induced diabetics dogs. 48th Annual Conference of Nigeria Veterinary Association, Nov.21st-25th 2011 Ilorin, Nigeria. ISSN:03313026  pg. 76.

a. Ajadi,R.A.,Kasali,O.B.,Makinde,A.F.M.,Adeleye,A.I.,Oyewusi,J.A.,Akintunde,O.G. (2009); Effects of midazolam on the anaesthetic properties and safety of ketamine and xylazine combination in guinea fowls (Numida meleagris galaeta) Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 23(3):199-204.

b. Ajadi, R.A.,  Ojeblenu, F. E., Makinde, A.F. M., Adebayo, O.O., Akintunde O.G. (2012):Fixation of antero-dorsal coxofemoral luxation using intra-articular  kirschner wire pinning in a cruciate fashion and joint capsulorhaphy: Review of three cases. Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol. 33 (2) ISSN 03313026  pg 136-137.

c. Abakpa S.A.V.,Akintunde O.G.,Talabi A.O., Adeleye O.E., (2012):Congenital  spaylegs in   piglets  in Abeokuta ( Case Report)  Tropical Vet. Vol. 30 (2) 89-92.

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