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Oludare Ariyo is a lecturer at the department of the Statistics Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. He received his PhD (Biostatistics) at the KU Leuven Belgium on Bayesian model selection for longitudinal random-effects models. He has gained expertise in various statistical topics with research interests, including Bayesian methods, longitudinal analysis, statistical modelling, missing data/ survival analysis, and Mixed models / random-effects models / multilevel models. His research has led to several papers in highly qualified international journals (Journal of Applied Statistics, Communication in Statistics, Sankhya B, Nigeria Statistical Association Journal, Computational Statistics etc.).

Before his appointment in FUNAAB, Dr Ariyo has worked as a Data Analyst at the Crop-Utilization Units, IITA, Ibadan, and as a Senior statistician at National Horticultural Research Institutes (NIHORT), Ibadan. For over six years of working with these research institutes, Dr Ariyo had gain experience in applying Statistical methodology to real-life problems, especially in Agriculture. During his four and half years of stay at the Inter university Institute for Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics (I-BioStat), Leuven, Belgium, Dr Ariyo further gained clinical trials experience and applied statistical methodology in Medical studies.

Dr Ariyo is an experienced R user with two R functions (https://github.com/OludareAriyo/Bayesselect and https://github.com/OludareAriyo/BayesselectGLMM ) and currently working on an R package. Besides, he has an excellent working knowledge of the following software: SAS, JAGS, STAN, SPSS, Epi Info etc

He is a member of many professional bodies, has presented papers in international conferences across continents, and has received several grants. He currently the coordinator of FUNAAB-LISA (FUNAAB-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis) and an advisor to Overleaf ( a collaborative cloud-based LaTeX editor used for writing, editing and publishing scientific documents.)

Dr Ariyo is happily married with Children.

B.Sc., M.Sc., (Abeokuta) PhD (Leuven)

(i) Completed:

(1) Bayesian model selection for multilevel mediation models.
(2) Bayesian model selection for longitudinal count data.
(3) Simultaneous Bayesian modelling of skew-normal longitudinal measurements with non-ignorable
(4) A Robust non-linear mixed-effects model for COVID-19 deaths in African.

(ii) In progress:
(5) Longitudinal mediation analysis of cognitive ability on age-related diseases: LASA (Longitudinal
Ageing Study of Amsterdam) project.
(6) Exploring posterior p-values for model assessment in longitudinal modelling.
(7) Exploring prior distributions for constrained correlation matrices.
(8) A Spatio-temporal study of prevalence HIV in Mexico: analyses of descriptive Spatio-temporal
features, risks’ tendencies and clustering by state.
(9) Bayesian autoregressive linear model: Sensitivity to prior and sample

  1. 2017:Travel Award to attend World Statistical Congress Marrakech Morroco by the World Bank Washington DC, USA.
  2. 2017: Travel Award to attend Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics Vigo, Spain, by International Biometric Society Washington DC, USA.
  3. 2015: Tertiary Education Trust Fund AST&D Grant for PhD in Biostatistics at Katholieke Universiteit by Federal Government of Nigeria through Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
  4. 2012: Travel Award to attend International Biometric Conference held in Kobe Japan by International Biometric Society Washington DC, USA.
  5. 2012: Second-runner up, Young-Statistician Show-case, organised by International Biometrics Society held in Kobe, Japan.
  1. Member, Statistical Modelling Society.
  2. Member, Psychometric Society
  3. Member, International Society for Clinical Biostatistics.
  4. Member, International Statistical Institutes.
  5. Member, International Biometrics Society.
  6. Member, Nigeria Statistics Association.
  • International Society of Clinical Biostatistics workshop on Mediation analysis using R, Leuven, Belgium 14-15 July 2019.
  • I-Biostat KU workshop on Pairwise and Meta-Analysis, Leuven, Belgium 29-30 November 2018
  • I-Biostat KU workshop on Health Economic, Leuven, Belgium 27-28 September 2018.
  • I-Biostat Workshop on Bayesian parametric and nonparametric for missing data and Causal Inference, Leuven, Belgium 29-31 September 2018.
  • International Statistical Institutes Workshop on Advance Metal Analysis with R, Marrakech, Morocco 15-16 July 2017.
  • International Society of Clinical Biostatistics workshop on Advance in Adaptive Clinical Trials Design Bayesian and Frequentist approaches, Vigo, Spain, 9-10 July 2007.
  • International Workshop on Statistical Modelling workshop, Groningen, Netherland 3-7, July 2017.

(1) Ariyo, O., Lesaffre, E., Verbeke, G., & Quintero, A. (2021). Bayesian model selection for longitudinal count data. Sankhya B, 1-32. Published by Springer. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13571-021-00268-9

(2) Ariyo, O., Lesaffre, E., Verbeke, G., Huisman, M., Heymans, M., & Twisk, J. (2021). Bayesian model selection for multilevel mediation models. Statistica Neerlandica. Published by Wiley.

(3) Ariyo, O and Adeleke, M (2021): Simultaneous Bayesian modelling of skew-normal longitudinal measurements with non-ignorable dropout. Computational Statistics. Published by Springer, Germany. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00180-021-01118-y

(4) Ariyo, O., Lesaffre, E., Verbeke, G and Quintero, A (2019): Model selection for Bayesian linear mixed models with longitudinal data: Sensitivity to the choice of priors. Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation Published by Taylor & Francis, UK https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/citedby/10.1080/03610918.2019.1676439?scroll=top&needAccess=true

(5) Ariyo, O., Quintero, A., Munoz, J., Verbeke, G., and Lesaffre, E. (2020): Bayesian model selection in the linear mixed model for longitudinal data. Journal of Applied Statistics 47(5); 890-913, Published by Taylor & Francis, CANADA https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02664763.2019.1657814?journalCode=cjas20

(6) Ariyo, E., Amurtiya, M., Lydia, O.Y., Ariyo , O., Ololade, O., Taiwo, A.P., Olukemi, L.A. and Ogunniyi, D., 2021. Socio-demographic determinants of children home learning experiences during COVID 19 school closure. International Journal of Educational Research Open, p.100111. Published by Elsevier https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2666374021000819

(7) Dawodu, G., Akintunde, A. and Ariyo, O. (2017): Stochastic Prediction of Monthly Inflation Rates through Kalman Filtering. Journal of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology 16(2); 11-25. Published by Federal of Agriculture, Abeokuta,

(8) Ariyo, O., Adeleke, M., Yusuff, K. and Wale-Orojo, O. (2017): Comparison of non-linear mixed models fitted to longitudinal growths data of two breeds of chicken. FUNAI Journal of Science & Technology 1(1);101-108, Published by Federal University, Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (FUNAI), Nigeria, NIGERIA available online at www.fjst.org.
(9) Ariyo, O., Akintunde, A., and AdeOluwa, O. (2015): Comparison of clustering methods for different data types using Rand index. Journal of Nigeria Statistical Association 27; 74-88, Published by Nigeria Statistical Association, NIGERIA.
(10) Ariyo, O. and Adebanji, A. (2011): Robust Linear Classifier under unequal cost of misclassification. CBN Journal of Applied Statistics 2(1); 51-59. Published by Nigeria Statistical Association, NIGERIA.

(10 Oludare Ariyo, Olawale Arogundade, and Mosur Abdul-Rafiu (2011). Discriminant and classification analysis of the health status of bell pepper (Capsicum annum). Research Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 3(2): 77-81. (Publisher: Maxwell Publication Corp, USA).
(11 Adebola Badmus and Oludare Ariyo (2011). Forecasting Cultivation Area and Production of Maize in Nigeria using the ARIMA model. Asia Journal of Agricultural Science 3(3): 171-176. (Publisher: Maxwell Publication Corp, USA).

(12 Oludare Ariyo, Taofeek Dauda Abayomi Olaniyan and Bernard Okafor (2010). Autoregressive model of sweet orange (Citrus Sciences L. object) production in Ibadan Nigeria. New York Journal of Science Report of Opinion 2(1):38-45. (Publisher: Marsland Press, USA)

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