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  • Ph.D., University of Ibadan, Ibadan    –    1982 – 1988
  • M.Sc., University of Ibadan, Ibadan    –    1980 – 1981
  • B.Sc.; University of Ibadan, Ibadan    –    1976 – 1979
  • Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN)
  • Ecological Society of Nigeria (ESCON)
  • Nigeria Environmental Society (NES)
  • Nigeria Association of Aquatic Sciences

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Paper accepted for publication

31.    BAMGBOSE J.T., ADEWUYI S.A, BAMGBOSE O. and ADETOYE, A.A(2008)  Adsorption kinetics of Cadmium and Lead by chitosan. Afri.J.Biotech.(Accepted 27th May, 2008)

32.    O.BAMGBOSE, B.O. OPEOLU and J.T.BAMGBOSE (2005): Levels of Zinc in Breast milk of selected Nigerian Woman in Abeokuta Township,  Ogun-state.  Nig.journal of Nutritional Sciences (Accepted 12th june,2008)

33.    OPEOLU B.O., BAMGBOSE O., AROWOLO T.A. ADETUNJI M. T. (2008)   Utilization of maize (zea mays) Cob as an absorbent for lead (11) removal from aqueous solution and industrial effluent.  J.Chemical Soc. Of Nig. Vol. 33(2)

Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings

34.    OSIBANJO, O. and  BAMGBOSE, O.(1989): Baseline studies on toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons in Nigeria marine fishes and shellfishes. 4th Annual Conference of the Nigeria Assoc. For Aquatic  Sciences. Conference  Proceedings Pp. 106-120.

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Papers Submitted for Publication

37.    BAMGBOSE, O., (2006): Cadmium, lead and Zinc in  fingernails of selected students of University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Ife Journal of Science.

38.    BAMGBOSE, O., and ADEOLA. O.A. (2006) Level of metals in fruit resources of Ogun state. J. of  Tropical. Forest Resources.

39.    WASIU BAKRE, ANDREW AGBON, SEGUN ALEGBELEYE, BAMGBOSE,O., I.T. OMONIYI and TOYIN A. AROWOLO. (2007) Acute and  chronic Toxicity of Local Textile Industry Waste water on Clarias Gariepinus and Oreochromis Niloticus. Journal of Aqua-toxicology.

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