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MSc Wild Animal Health Royal Veterinary College, London Sept 2011
Cert Diag. Path of Exotics Universiteit Utrecht, Holland July 2003
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine University of Nigeria, Nsukka Dec 1998

Diseases of captive wild animals and molecular epidemiology of viruses of non-human primates resident in Nigerian wildlife facilities
Assessment of safety in facilities harboring wildlife in SW Nigeria
Improvement of livestock health for sake of conservation of wild species

• Zebra Foundation awards to attend a course on Diagnostic Pathology in Universiteit Utrecht, 2003
• Mazuri Awards to attend the First African Symposium on Zoologic Medicine at the Johannesburg Zoo, 2009
• British Chevening Scholarships for the MSc course in Wild Animal Health, 2010
• Tertiary Education Trust Fund award for PhD Bench work, 2017

• Member Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) 1998- date
• Member Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance Veterinary Network 2002-date
• Member, Pan African Zoological Aquarium and Botanic Garden (PAZAAB) Veterinary Working Group 2009-date
• Member, World Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (WAWV) 2001- 2003
• Member, Wildlife Disease Association Africa and Middle East Section (WDA-AME) 2011-date
• Member, Wildlife Society of Nigeria 2017 – date

1. Two day capacity building workshop for academic staff on modern methods of teaching and learning in Higher Education organised by the Centre for Innovation and Strategy In Learning and Teaching (CISLT) 25-26 January, 2016.
2. Leadership Training Workshop titled “ Towards a Principled and ideological unionism organised by the national Secretariat of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) 2017
3. Seminar on Healthy and Wealthy Living organised by the ASUU-UNAAB Multi-purpose Cooperative Society at the Post Graduate School Auditorium, 14 Feb, 2018
4. Seminar on “Managing Cooperatives for proper accounting” organised by UNAAB CMS Ltd. 30 March, 2018
5. One day workshop on the use of E-Resources for COLLEGE OF Veterinary Medicine Academic Staff by the Nimbe Adedipe Library, FUNAAB on 04 July, 2018
6. Five-Day training workshop on Advanced Digital Appreciation Programme For Tertiary Institutions (ADAPTI) Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 23) organised by Academic Planning Unit, FUNAAB in conjunction with Digital Bridge Institute and Nigerian Communications Commission between 9th and 13th July, 2018 at ICTREC Building , Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
7. International Course on climate change and sustainable environment organised by the African Centre for Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment (CEADESE) in conjunction with Galilee International Management Institute, Israel 06-11 August, 2018.
8. An International Workshop on Learning Technologies Workshop on the 21st Century Innovative Instructional Methods, Tools and Techniques organised by the African Centre for Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment (CEADESE)- 13-17 August, 2018.
9. Professional Continuous Education Seminar on “Sustainable Veterinary Livestock Production in Nigeria for global market” held at the Akwa-Ibom e-Library, Uyo organised by the Veterinary Council of Nigeria, 20 Sept, 2018
10. Professional Continuous Education Seminar (Virtual) on “Reinvigorating the Veterinary Profession In Nigeria: Finding new paths for veterinarians and para-veterinarians” organised by the Veterinary Council of Nigeria 24th-25th November, 2020
11. Professional Continuous Education Seminar (Virtual) on “Leading Change: Optimizing Extant Opportunities in the current Global health crises” organised by the Veterinary Council of Nigeria 28th-29th July, 2021.

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