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I was born in 1988 in the ancient but beautiful city of Ibadan although my parents are from Ekiti state. I do reflect a varied personality including ambition, and the qualities of kindness and encouragement. I love teaching, learning new things and love impacting knowledge to others. I obtained my B.Agric from Babcock University in 2009 and M.Agric and PhD in 2012 and 2016 respectively. I am a full time lecturer, motivated by my love for learning and succeeding as I strive to become an oustanding and successful woman in today's society in the field of Agriculture. Through my passion for leadership and development, I have a few groups which I serve in and some of which  I am privileged to lead. Seeing and securing a happy future for the girl child is a passion of mine and I belong to a few NGOs to that effect. I love to act, sing and cook. I also love to spend time with my lovely husband and son who I adore very much.

  • Ph.D.,
  • M.agric., Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta
  • B.Agric., Babcock University, Ilishan remo, Ogun state
  • Ojoo High School, Alaka, Ibadan
  • St. Louis Grammar Schl, Ibadan
  • Use of non-conventional feed ingredients as feed for poultry and non-ruminant animals.
  • Manipulation of livestock management and environmental practices to obtain optimal production.
  1. Commendation   letter    from    Cocoa    Research   Institute   of   Nigeria    (Kusuku Outstation) for showing great sense of responsibility, commitment and hardwork as a youth corper in Lekitaba Village, Sardauna LG, Taraba State (May 2010).
  2. Commendation letter from USAID (GECHAAN) for dedication, diligence and  high sense of commitment to duty as a youth corper in Lekitaba  village, Sardauna LG, Taraba state (May 2010).
  3. Award of Commendation from NYSC Taraba State for selfless service in primary assignment and community development activities in Taraba State batch B service year (June 2010)
  • March 2014- Member, Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP)
  • September 2014- Member, Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN)
  • September 2014- Member, Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS)
  1. March  2018- Interactive and  Mentoring Session with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) and  Ambassador  (Dr.) Robin  R. Sanders by  African  Hub  International  at  the  2018 International Women’s Day Conference held on 13th-14th  March, 2018
  2. April  2016-   Foundational   Cellular   Nutritional   and   Preventive   Health   Training   by
  3. HealthLink Global Resources, Lagos Nigeria.
  4. March  2016-  41stAnnual  Conference  of  the  Nigerian  Society   for  Animal  Production (NSAP) held  on Mar 20-24,  2016  at  Federal  University  of Agriculture,  Abeokuta,  Ogun state
  5. September 2015-  4th   ASAN-NIAS Joint Annual  Meeting  held  on Sept  6-10,  2015  at  the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, Oyo State
  6. September 2014-  3rd   ASAN-NIAS Joint Annual  Meeting  held  on Sept  7-11,  2014  at  the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, Oyo State
  7. March  2014-  39th   Annual  Conference of  the  Nigerian  Society  for  Animal  Production (NSAP) held on Mar 16-19, 2014 at Babcock University, Ilishan remo, Ogun state
  8. February    2011-    African    International    Poultry    Summit,    World    Poultry    Science Association, Nigeria Branch held on Feb 20-23 2011 at Abeokuta, Ogun state
  9. January 2009-  A seminar  on  ‘Owning  and   managing  a  business’,  by  Masterclass Consultants, Nigeria

a) Thesis

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b) Refereed Articles

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c)  Conference Refereed Proceeding

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