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IDOWU Olubukola Precious Adepeju 

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(a)Ph.D. (Animal Production and Health) 2016
(b)M. Agric. (Animal Production and Health) 2005
(c)B. Agric. (Second Class lower Division) 2001
(d)National Certificate of Education Grade B (Credit)1996
(e)Grade II Teacher Certificate 1993
(f)Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) 1995
(g)West Africa School Certificate 1989

i. Livestock systems and interaction with nutrition and environment

DUFARMS Annual yam roasting festival (Member) 2013 till date

(i) Member, Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN)
(ii) Member, Nigeria Society for Animal Production (NSAP)
(iii) Member, Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS)

i. Idowu O.P.A 2016. Hatchability and Post Hatching Performance of Guinea Fowl Keets Raised in Different Housing Systems in a Tropical Environment. Ph.D. Thesis.
ii. Idowu O.A. Growth response of weaner rabbits fed multi-nutrient miniblocks diets. M. Agric Dissertation.
iii. Idowu O.A. Assesment of alternate methods of rumen modifier administration to goats.B. Agric Project.
iv. Idowu O.A. An evaluation of productivity parameters of layer chicken fed Ipomea coptica at different substitution rate. NCE Project

Publications in Learned journals
i. O. M. O Idowu, O.A. Adeniyi, P.A. Jobi, S.O Iposu, O.A. Idowu and W.O Biobaku (2006) Effect of partial replacement of wheat offals in rabbit weaner diets with oil palm leaf on performance, nutrient digestibility and carcass characteristics. ASSET Series A, 6 (133-142).

ii. O.M.O. Idowu, O. A Idowu, A.O.Oso, A.O. Fafiolu, R. Sule, A. Sorongbe and D. Eruvbetine (2006) Performance and egg qualityof laying hens fed cassava root wastes. Nig. Poultry Sc. Jour. 4: 48-55.

iii. O.M.O. Idowu, A.O., Oso, O.A., Adeyemi, S.O., Osho, O.P.A., Idowu, and A.T., Ijaiya (2013). Growth response and apparent nutrient digestibility of weaner rabbits fed with diets containing bamboo leaf meal. Nigeria Journal of Animal Production 40(2) pp
iv. Oke, O.E., Adejuyigbe, A.E., Idowu O.P., Sogunle, O.M., Ladokun, A.O., Oso, A.O., Abioja, M.O., Abiona, j.A., Daramola, J.O., Whetto, M., Jacobs E.B., Williams, T.J., and Njoku, C.P. (2015). Effects of housing systems on reproductive and physiological response of guinea fowl (Numidia meleagris). Journal of Applied Animal Science, 8: 8(1): 47-55 Published by Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University, Thailand.

Publications in referred conference proceedings
i. O.M.O. Idowu, A.M. Bamgbose, A.V. Jegede, O.A Idowu, Sule, R. and Daisy Eruvbetine (2005): Effects of replacement of cassava peel with characteristics cassava root sievate on performance and egg quality characteristics of laying hens. Proc. 10th Ann Conf., Anim. Sci. Ass. Of Nig. (ASAN), Sept. 12-15, 2005, Univ of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria. (Editors: F.A.S Dairo, S.O.K. Fajemilehin and G.E Onibi) Pg 136-139.

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