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PhD in Mathematics 2017
M.Sc Mathematics 2013
Postgraduate Diploma in Education 2011
B.Sc Mathematics 2010
Senior Secondary Certificate Examination 2004

A new iterative method for asymptotically nonexpansive mapping for a common point in fixed point problem, variational inequality and equilibrium problems in Hilbert spaces.

(i) Treasurer, RCCG Triumphant Assembly Parish, Unity Area
Obantoko 2017-Till Date.
(ii) Financial Secretary, RCCG Ogun Province 6, Abiola Way 2018-Till Date
(iii) Secretary, Akepe Oluwa Phase 5, CDA 2018–Till Date.
(iv) Vice Chairman, Akepe Oluwa Special Committee on Lands space
and Development 2019-Till Date
(v) Youth Pastor, RCCG, Jesus Glory Area Obantoko 2020-Till Date

(i). London Mathematical Society.
(ii). Nigerian Mathematical Society.

i. 34th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Mathematical Society (NMS), Department of Mathematics, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria, on 23rd-26th June 2015.
ii. 35th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Mathematical Society (NMS), Department of Mathematics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria on 3rd-6th May 2016.
iii. 1st International Conference on Developmental Sciences and Technologies, College of Physical Sciences, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria, on 27th-30th August, 2019.

(a) Dissertation/Thesis
(i) Ogunsola O. J. (2013): n-weak amenability of Banach and Semigroup algebras. M.Sc. Dissertation, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.
(ii) Ogunsola O. J. (2017): Some contributions to the theory of amenability on restricted semigroup algebras.

(b) Articles in Learned Journals
1. Mewomo, O.T. and Ogunsola, O. J. (2013). On n-weak amenability of semigroup algebras, Journal of theNigerian Mathematical Society 32, 289-306. Published by the Nigerian Mathematical Society, Nigeria.

2. Mewomo, O.T. and Ogunsola, O.J. (2016). Character amenability of restrictedsemigroup algebras. Proceedings Jangjeon Mathematical Society.
19 (3), 591- 607. Published by Jangjeon Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Physics, Daegu, Korea.

3. Ogunsola, O. J and Daniel, I. E. (2018). Pseudo-amenability and Pseudo-
Contractibility of restricted semigroup algebra Ann. Univ. Paedagog.
Cra. Stud. Math. 17, 89-102. DOI: 10.2478/aupcsm-2018-0008. Published by Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis, Poland.…/330248360_Pseudo-amenability_and_pseudo-contractibility_of_restricted_semigroup_algebra.

4. Ogunsola, O. J and Daniel, I. E. (2018). Character pseudo-amenability of restricted semigroup algebra. Journal of Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics 46, 1-8. Published by Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, Nigeria.

5. Ogunsola, O. J and Daniel, I. E. (2019). On amenable restricted semigroup. Journal of Nigerian Mathematical Society 38, 157-163.
Published by the Nigerian Mathematical Society, Nigeria.

(c) Papers already accepted for publication: Nil

(d) Papers in Edited Conference Proceedings:
Ojo, O. Oluwatope, A. and Ogunsola, O (2015). UStream:Ultra-metric Spanning Overlay Topology for Peer-to Peer Streaming Systems. Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM-2015), edited by J.E Guerrero, 601-604. Published by IEEE, USA. Dec 14-16, 2015.

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