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Engr. Ibukun A. OLA obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering at University of Ilorin (1992) and his Masters of Science Degree at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (2001). He specialized in Power and Machinery Engineering.

He spent 4 years in the industry to acquire knowledge before joining the University as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department in 2004. He rose to the post of Lecturer I in 2010. He is a member of the COLENG SDC and SWEP Coordinator for Department. He is a Corporate Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and registered with Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) 2006. He has supervised over 7 undergraduate students one of which the supervised student won the best final year project award within the University community and in the FST professional body national award. Presently he is working on a mechatronic picking device for the metering of cassava stem cuttings for a precision planter.

B.Eng. 1992
M.Sc. 2001
Ph.D. 2014

*     Design and Fabrication of a Wear Testing unit for Wear Analysis In a Screw Press (M.Sc. FABRICATION WORK, 2001).
*     Design and Development of a Dough Dicing Machine.
*     Design of Shelling Machine (National Youth Service Corps Personal Project) (UNFABRICATED), 1993/1994
*     Development of Portable Farm Bed.
*     Design and Fabrication of Security Safety Devices.
*     Fabrication/Production Ice Blocks Making Machine.

*     AGE 201:  Engineering Drawing I
*     CVE 421:  Waste Water Engineering
*     AGE 204:  Workshop Practice
*     AGE 223:  Technical Drawing I
*     AGE 301:  Farm Mechanics
*     AGE 321:  Workshop Practice and Farm Shop
*     AGE 401:  Design of Agricultural & Food Processing Machines  I
*     AGE 503:  Farm Power I
*     AGE 504:  Farm Power II

*    Corporate Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers, Membership No. 14669
*    Registered With the Council for the Regulation of Engineering In Nigeria (COREN)

1.     Evaluation of the Wear of Working Components’ Surface Lining for Oilseed Screw Presses. (M.Sc  Research Work, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 2001).

2.     Design and Fabrication Of A Manual Coconut Oil Extractor Using Screw Press Method (Project for Award of B.Eng. University of Ilorin, Nigeria, 1992).

Articles in Learned Journals
1.     ALUKO, O.B., OLA, I.A., MANKANJUOLA, G.A. and OLUWADARE, G.O. 2002. A Wear Testing Rig for Rapid Comparative Evaluation of Maintenance Materials for Some Oilseed Screw Press Components. Journal of Food Engineering 55 367-3 72.

2.     ALUKO, OR, OLUWADARE, G.O., OLA, IA. and MANKANJUOLA, G.A .2003. Rapid Comparative Wear Evaluation of Oilseed Screw Press Maintenance in Nigeria. Journal of food Engineering 59 111-116

3.    OLAYANJU, T.M.A.; OLA, I. A.; ADEKUNLE, N. O. and AKINOSO, R.: Performance of Evaluation of A Cashew Flesh Juice Extractor at Various Compression Plate Clearances.  Proceedings of the Second Conference on Science and National Development. PP146-149, OCTOBER 2006

4.    OLAYANJU, T. M. A.; OLA, I. A.; AKINOSO, R.; ASIRU, W. B. and ORJI, C. U.: Extrusion-Expelling Technique for Processing Soybean Into Oil and Edible Cake. Proceedings of the Second Conference on Science and National Development.  PP189-194. October 2006

5.    OLAYANJU T.M.A, AKINOSO R., ADERINLEWO A.A, DAIRO O.U and OLA, I.A.: Moisture Dependence of Some Aerodynamics Properties of Beniseed Accepted in the 3rd International Conference on Science and National Development 30 March, 2009.

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