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Dr. Adeyinka SOBOWALE is an accomplished water engineer, he obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Akure in 1998, he later proceeded to the renowned Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where he obtained a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering in 2005. His area of specialization is Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology. He is presently a Doctor of Philosophy research student in the same institution and is specializing in groundwater hydrology and irrigation.

He has over 13 years of experience as a professional Engineer and research scientist. His academic exploits has led to the graduation of 18 students under his supervision at National Diploma, Higher National Diploma and undergraduate levels.

He has served the nation in several capacities at the state and National levels; he is a member of several professional bodies like Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers, Nigerian Society of Engineers, International Association for Hydrological Science, West African Network for Capacity Building in Integrated Water Resources Management (WANET). He is presently the Technical Secretary, NWRI/UNAAB South West Regional Center for the National Water Resources Capacity Building Network (NWRCBNet).

As an erudite scholar, he has authored and co authored about 23 research publications in international journals, peer reviewed conference proceedings, technical reports and books. He is presently the publisher of Wisdom for Life Magazine.

B.Eng. (Akure), M.Sc. (Zaria)

Dr. Sobowalefocuses his research is in the field of Water Resources and Ecological Engineering. The major topics covered in this specialization includes engineering hydrology, hydraulics, water resources systems (atmospheric, surface and groundwater), irrigation engineering, water supply engineering, drainage engineering, land development and stabilization, catchment management and modelling, water quality, geographic information systems and waste water Engineering. The thematic areas can be categorized into five major areas, namely: Engineering Hydrology and Catchment Management Research, Integrated Water Resources Management Research, Ecological and Land Development Research, Adaptive Irrigation Development Research and Optimization of Food Production System Research. The outcomes from these researches led to a better understanding of the important processes, impacts and possible adaptation and effective utilization of our land and water resources in the various catchments studied; it has generated important learning points on how these resources can be optimized and sustainably managed.

*    Member, Nigerian Institution Of Agricultural Engineers
*    Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers
*    Member, International Association For Hydrological Science
*    Member, West African Network for Capacity Building in Integrated Water Resources Management (WANET)

Thesis / Dissertation:

(A)    Sobowale A. (1997). A Study of Soil Water Status of the Agricultural Engineering Experimental Farmland, Bachelor of Engineering Degree Thesis, Dept. Of Agric. Eng., F.U.T., Akure, Nigeria.

(B)    Sobowale A. (2005). Integrated Water Resources Management of the Hadejia-Jama’are-Yobe River Basin of Nigeria. Master of Science Thesis, Dept. of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

(C)    Sobowale A. (On going). Investigation of Ground water recharge in the Kano River Project using GIS Techniques. Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Published Scientific Journal Papers

1.    Sobowale, A. A.B.I. Igboanugo, P.K. Aluko and D. Onwunegbunam (2007). Land Degradation and Forest Depletion in Forest Plantations of the Guinea Savannah Zone of Nigeria. Journal of Forestry Research and Management. 4:50-59

2.     Sobowale, A., Adewumi, J.K. and Onwuka, M. (2008). Productivity of some water wells in the Alluvial Sediments of Lake Chad. ASSET Journal, Series B, Vol. 7(1&2): 72-79 www.unaab.edu.ng/ASSET

3.    Sobowale, A., Adewumi, J.K., Otun, J.A. and Adie, D.B. (2008). Water Resources Management of Jamaare And Misau Rivers Sub-Catchment of Komadugu Yobe River Basin, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Engineering, 14(2):54-59.

4.    Sobowale, A., Adewumi, J.K., Otun, J.A. and Adie, D.B. (In Press).Water Resources Potentials of Hadejia River Sub-Catchment of Komadugu Yobe River Basin in Nigeria. Agricultural Engineering International. Manuscript No. LW 08 016

Scientific Journal Papers Under review

5.     Sobowale A. and Onwuegbunam D. (****). Comparative analysis of Two Direct Runoff Generation Models in an Ungauged Afforested Watershed. Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Technology.

6.    Sobowale A., Adewumi J.K. and Okuofu C.A. (****).Sustainability of Water Resources Development in the Hadejia River Basin of Nigeria. ASSET Journal, Series B, Vol. 9

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

7.    Sobowale A., Otun, J. And Onwuka M. (2003). Performance Evaluation of Water Supply Boreholes at Nguru, Nigeria. In Harvey, P. eds.: Proceedings of the 29th WEDC (UK) International Conference, p210-212.

8.    Sobowale A., Alatishe M. And Owuegbunam D (2003). An Evaluation of Soil Water Status for Irrigation and Drainage Control. In Harvey, P. eds.: Proceedings of the 29th WEDC (UK) International Conference, p213-215.

9.    Sobowale A. (2005). Sustainable Water Resources Development in the Hadejia River Sub-Catchment of the Chad Basin. Proceedings of the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers. Vol. 27:112-117.

10.    Makama, M.S., Sobowale A. and Afolabi A.O. (2005). Appropriate Post Harvest Technology: A pre-requisite for Food Security. Proceedings of the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers. Vol. 27:173-175.

11.    Sobowale A, R. N. Oladele, D. Onwuegbunam , O. Akinyemi and O.O. Ajala (2006). Appraisal of the Sustainability of an Afforestation Project in Afaka Forest Reserve, Kaduna State. Proceedings of the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers. Vol. 28:172-177.

12.    Babasanya M B, Sobowale A, Balogun O S, Olowo J,,and Simoyan J B (2006). Social Factors affecting Adoption of Innovation for Sorghum Production in Sanga LGA, Kaduna State. Proceedings of the 20th FAMAN conference. Vol. 2, JOS.

13.     Sobowale A. and Sobowale R.O. (2007). Water Audit and Demand Management in the Jamaare and Misau Sub-Catchment of Yobe River Basin. Proceedings of the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers. Vol. 29:253 – 261.

14.    Sobowale A. (2006). River Basin Development: IWRM is the way forward. Kada Agricultural Engineer, 1(1): 3-4.


15.    Sobowale A. (2005). Essentials of Technical Writing (A guide for writing Research reports). ISBN 978-38058-3-5 Rosvic Associates. Kaduna, Nigeria.

Technical Report

16.    J.K. Adesodun, F.A. Olowookere, F.A. Thomas and A. Sobowale (2009). Diagnostic Survey of Agricultural Problems in Oyo State. Research and Development Centre, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.


17.    Sobowale A. (2008) Groundwater Development in Ogun State (Situation Report and Need for IWRM Intervention). National Training workshop on Groundwater Development and IWRM held at the National Water Resources Institute, Kaduna, 15th – 19th September, 2008.

18.    Sobowale A. (2006) Development of Entrepreneurial Skills. Paper delivered at the Economic Empowerment Seminar of Grace and Truth Chapel, Federal College of Forestry Mechanization Afaka-Kaduna on 15th June, 2006.

19.    Sobowale A. (2006) Self Reliance and Employment Generation after Graduation. Paper Delivered at the Student Empowerment Seminar of the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Kaduna Polytechnic.

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