Authors: Babajide, J.M., Babajide, S.O. and Oyewole, O.B. 2007


Survey of traditional processing area of dry-yam (Gbodo) was carried out in 6 locations of South –West Nigeria, which include Ibarapa, Iseyin, Saki, Baruba, Oyo and Abeokuta. Direct interviews, direct observations and structured questionnaire were employed in collecting information from the processors. A total of 263 respondents were interviewed from different towns/villages in the survey. The data collected show that the highest producer of dry-yam, are large and small scale producers at Baruba. The producers/farmers specifically grow
small, long slender yam species for the production of dry-yam. One hundred and sixty-two, 162(62%) processors have their dry-yam thickness varying between 1 to 5cm and the major dry-yam producers use metal drums for parboiling yam. Most of the processors, 182(69%) (the Barubas) use stream or river water for parboiling. Parboiling time varies from 1 to 3 hours at 40-600C for most of the processors 250(95%). The use of “abafe” (Piliostigma thonningii) and “agehu” (Khaya ivorensis) leaves, singly or in combination for preservation was 148
(51%) of the total processors interviewed who mainly reside at Baruba- the major dry-yam processors.

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