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Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Home Type of Counselling Support Services

The Unit offers
(a) Daily regular and systematic free confidencial help for students and staff  
(b) Individual Counselling on one on one relationship
(c) Interview sessions as well as
(d) Group counselling on students general problems.

What you can expect
You will be offered an agreed number of weekly sessions, within which your Counsellor will listen and work with you to encourage deeper reflection on issues. This can lead to increased awareness, new understanding and different perspectives for future possibilities and choices leading to change.

Professional Standard
We offer confidential Counselling Services working within the professional standards of the Counselling Association of Nigeria.

Nature of Counselling Service
Counselling may be preventive or curative but it is the Counsellor’s prayer to prevent problems. Students need not wait till they have problems before they consult the Counselors. Problems can be prevented by meeting the Counsellor when one faces a challenge in life situations.

Your Commitment
Counselling is about commitment to change, which will require your full engagement with and attendance at the counseling sessions offered.

You are expected to notify the Counsellor of any change in your appointment by contacting the Counsellor at Block B, Room120 of the Unity Building. The Counsellor could be seen without prior appointment by visiting the Counselling Unit or calling the counsellor’s number 08033775504 or sending an E-mail to:

It is important not to visit when under the influence of any intoxicating substance. Counselling will become ineffective, and your counseling session for that day may be withdrawn.

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