Professor Bolanle Akeredolu-Ale has over 25 years’ experience of working as a practitioner and researcher in Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Teaching English as a Second Language (TEFL/TESL). Her research interests are Second Language Acquisition, Discourse Analysis and Computer-Mediated Communication. She is currently working on ICT in Language Learning and Teaching. She is very interested in the models of communicative competence and proficiency. She has done a couple of research on students’ language proficiency and competency as it relates to their performance in their course of study, some of which were reported in: Learner Factors and Performance: The Case of Students in a Science-Based University’, and ‘Communicative Competence of Science Students: An Illustration with UNAAB’. She has also studied the issue of social stratification as its affects language performance as presented in ‘Social Stratification and Second Language Acquisition among Yoruba-English Bilinguals: A Case Study of Selected Secondary Schools in Ogun State of South-Western Nigeria’. She is currently the Dean, College of Agricultural Management and Rural Development (COLAMRUD).

She started her teaching career as an assistant lecturer for Use-of-English and Literature-in-English in 1989. She was propitious to be made one of the project officers for the Communication Skills Project for Universities of Agriculture and Technology in Nigeria (COMSKIPTECH), a project sponsored by the Overseas Development Authority (ODA) of the British Government administered by the British Council and the National Universities Commission (NUC) in 1992. This gave her the opportunity to go for a teacher development course that earned her a second master degree in Teaching English as a Second Language/ Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL/TESOL) from the Centre for English Language Studies, University of Birmingham, UK in 1993.

She is widely published in a number of leading peer-reviewed journals including: Changing English, ESP WORLD and English Language Teaching Today (ELTT) and has been a featured speaker at several conferences.  Recently, she was invited as guest speaker to the Lagos State University – Science and Technology Education Research Group (LASU-STERG) where she presented a paper titled ‘Common Errors in Research Writing’. In preparing for the presentation, she completed another article on ‘Tips and Hints on Writing Good Journal Articles’. At the Annual International Conference of the National Association of Teachers and Researchers of English Language (NATRESL) held in 2012, she presented one of the lead papers and her paper titled ‘D Gr8 Nu Dijita Teknoloji & Englis languaj lenin’ generated a lot of interests and propelled many of the participants into the field of ICT and Language learning. She was invited to deliver a lecture titled ‘Advanced Learning: Why Has It Not Solved Nigeria’s Socio-Economic Problems?’ at the  Maiden Edition of the FUNAAB Postgraduate Students’ Association’s Annual Week Celebration and Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of FUNAAB, 2013.

Professor Akeredolu-Ale is a member of the International Association of Teachers of English Foreign Language (IATEFL) and International Association of World Englishes (IAWE). She is a member of the FUNAAB Journal Management Committee, and the Editor of FUNAAB Journal of Humanities, Social Science and Creative Arts. Presently, she chairs the editorial collective of English Language Teaching Today (ELTT) the journal of NATRESL.

Research Interests

With the experienced she garnered from the various material production workshops and courses attended under the COMSKIPTECH Project, Professor Akeredolu-Ale coordinated the preparation of the series of teaching materials for the teaching of Use-of-English (GNS 101) and Writing and Literary Appreciation (GNS 201) at FUNAAB. She was a formidable facilitator in the preparation of the two task-based communicative student books produced by the Department of Communication and General Studies at FUNAAB titled Communication Skills in English for Tertiary Institutions and Communication English Practice . The two books are recommended reading textbooks in many universities across Nigeria. Professor Akeredolu-Ale is very concerned with the general large class situation of language classes in Nigerian universities. Earlier in her career, she encouraged the adoption of team teaching as the pedagogy for teaching large classes at FUNAAB. And the Department finally came up with the UNAAB Team Teaching model as reported in ‘Managing Large Classes: Team Teaching Approach’ and ‘Towards the Improvement of Team Teaching at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria’.

Currently, together with other members of the English Language Unit of the Department of Communication and General Studies, they are assessing the impact of the digital age on language learning and teaching. This research is a task-based, student-centred and participatory language learning and teaching strategy using ICT to manage large language classes. Already, a number of journal articles have been generated on this ongoing research. For examples, the paper titled ‘The Power of Student’s Involvement: Using Posters as Teaching Tools in Managing Large Classes was as a result of the assessment of students’ use of PowerPoint and posters in language class presentations, as a technique for managing large classes.

There is also a further plan to present more observations from this experiment in the paper titled ‘Impact of the Digital Age on the Teaching and Learning of English Language in Nigerian Universities: Exploratory Observations from FUNAAB’ at the 7th International Conference on ICT in Language Learning in Florence, Italy later in the year. Currently she is in the forefront of championing the use of ICT for interactive, blended and participatory lecture delivery in Nigerian Universities.


She is very instrumental to the commencement of the Master and Post Graduate Diploma programmes in the Department. In using drama to teach language and literature, in 2003, she brought together a couple of students to form what is now known as the FUNAAB Theatre Troupe. In 2007, as the Head of Department, she engineered the production of the University Anthem.

She presented the University 34th Inaugural Lecture titled ‘Queen’s English and the March of History: Reflections on the Nigerian Case on the 22 February, 2012. Before then, she had presented the second in the series of the COLAMRUD Seminar titled ‘Acquiring Good Education for What?: Opportunity Structures and Motivational Perspectives on the Declining Standard of Education in Nigeria’.

She is an avid enthusiast of the elearning Africa International Conference on ICT in Development, Education and Training. She also participates in a couple of online discussion groups, forums and networks notably e/merge Africa and IATEFL WEBINARS.

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