The Management of the University may place a ban on the use of the Senate Chamber as venue for conferences, workshops and seminars, by Colleges, Associations and Unions.
Such programmes will now hold at the University’s International Scholars’ Centre, when such organisers must have booked and paid for the use of the Centre.
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole dropped the hint while inspecting facilities at the International Scholars’ Centre.
Obviously not impressed with the non-utilization of the Centre and the adjoining en-suite Hotel, Prof. Oyewole declared: “If we keep this place idle and fail to plan towards using it, we are just wasting money”.
He said the Senate Chamber will no longer be used to host conferences and seminars and maintained that hosting of such events at the Centre would strictly be on commercial basis.
Professor Oyewole, however, mandated the Centre for Internationalization and Partnerships (CENIP) to move into the building immediately, alongside other offices of the University that will co-habit the building.
The Vice-Chancellor directed that the forthcoming Appreciation Dinner should hold at the Centre.

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