In an attempt to increase milk production and promote small holder dairy production in the community and environs, the Cattle Production Venture (CPV), recently embarked on the Artificial Insemination of the White Fulani Cattle breed with semen from imported cattle species, Holstein Freisian and Asian breeds reputed to be heavy milkers. Professor Daisy Eruvbetine, of the College of Animal Science and Livestock Production (COLANIM), who is also the Co-ordinator of CPV, highlighted the reasons behind the establishment of the venture to include: popularisation of cattle production in South-West Nigeria, rendering of services to the community in various capacities related to dairy production, providing facilities for students in terms of practical experience and generating income for the University.

The insemination of the animals was led by a renowned scholar, Professor Elias Bawa, a Professor of Theriogenology, who is currently on sabbatical from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, serving in the Department of VeterinaryHealth and Reproduction, College of Veterinary Medicine, FUNAAB. Speaking further, Professor Eruvbetine itemised the importance of the artificial insemination programme to include: production of crossbreed animals that will be given to local farmers, increased milk production; making FUNAAB a milk collection centre and providing research and training opportunities for both staff and students.

The team leader, Professor Bawa, while expressing his appreciation to the University Management, noted that the expected breed, after the completion of the process, would have the following unique features: higher growth rate, higher milk and beef production tendencies, early attainment of puberty and shorter calving interval, when compared with other indigenous breeds.

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