The following procedure is to be observed by registration candidates

i. Candidates coming for registration must come with the following

(a) Jamb scratch card purchase from accredited banks;

(b) Original copy of the Bank Teller with which the scratch card purchase was mades;

(c) N700 registration fee.

ii. On production of a – c above, the candidate is expected to fill a JAMB registration form on the spot.

iii. It is compulsory that each candidate must have a functional e-mail address.

iv. The candidate should fill and complete the registration form

(a) The candidate’s scratch card;

(b) The candidate’s bank teller duly signed at the back and clearly indicating the full name of the Candidate, his signature and date as to acknowledge the receipt of a JAMB produced textbook. Candidates should be advised to keep photocopies of their bank teller.

(c) a &b should be well attached to the completed registration form.

NOTE:- Candidates should check online for print-out of their jamb slip.

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