Nigeria, , with an estimated population of 150 million people, is located on the West Coast of Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and four countries, namely, Cameroon to the East, Benin Republic to the West, Chad to the North and Niger to the North.

It has a land mass of 923,768 square kilometres with a population of about 150 million people comprising about 350 ethno-linguistic groups. The country is made up of 36 States, 774 Local Government Areas, spread over six geo-political zones and Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

Nigeria became independent on 1st October, 1960 from the British and is presently operating a democratic, multi-party system of government. The major export commodity is petroleum; other products include cotton, cocoa, cassava, rubber, cola, fruits, and vegetables and a large array of livestock including cattle, goats, sheep, chicken and fish, among others. Download Full Document

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