Authors: Henshaw, F.O.


Twenty-eight varieties of cowpea seeds from Nigeria and USA origins showed significant variation in physical characteristics and proximate composition. Seed size dimensions namely; seed length, width and thickness had range values of 6-10mm, 4-7mm and 3-5mm, respectively. Seed hydration index had values between 95-137; 100- seed weight ranged between 11-26g and seed hardness recorded values between 6-8 kgf. Discriminant analysis of results showed that seed weight was the most important variable accounting for 93% of thevariance in the physical properties. Ash content ranged between 3-4%, crude protein, crude fat, moisture and total carbohydrate contents had range values of 20-27, 0.6-1, 9-12 and 57 –62%,respectively. The total mineral content as represented by the ash values had the highest contribution of 71%, to differences in proximate composition. While protein and carbohydrate content accounted for 25% of variance in proximate composition. The results showed wide variation in the physical and chemical properties of the cowpea seeds, suggesting possible variation in suitability of seeds for various end-use products. The physical and chemical variables identified as the most discriminating may find application as indices for selection of cowpea varieties for processing into different products.


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