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Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Home Veterinary Public Health & Reproduction Courses
S/No. Course Code Course Title
1. VCH 501 Meat, Milk and Fish Hygiene
2. VCH 502 Zoonoses And Environmental Health
3. VCH 601 Disease Distribution and Prevention
4. VCH 602 Organization and Regulation of Veterinary Services
5. VCH 603 Computer Application In Veterinary Medicine
6. VCT602 Breeding Soundness Examination of a bulll-indication
7. BCG-COMP The Correlation Coefficient
8. BSE II(VCT602) BSE II In Ram and Buck
9. VCT 502 Veterinary Gynaecology
10. VCT601 Lecture Notes on Veterinary Obsterics

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