Authors: O. Ademuyiwa, E.O. Ngaha, F.O. Ubah

SAGA Journals


1 The sequence of renal cellular membrane damage induced by gentamicin was studied in the rat by using the release of alkaline phosphatase, acid phosphatase, muramidase and protein from renal cells as indices of renal damage.

2 The protective effect of a combination of vitamin E and selenium against renal damage was also investigated.

3 Gentamicin (60 mg kg -1 body weight) was nephrotoxic within 12 h of the first dose.

4 The plasma membrane of the renal tubules is damaged before the lysosomal membrane is affected.

5 A combination of vitamin E (1 mg g-1 body weight) and selenium (4 × 10-3 mg g-1 body weight) attenuates the renal damage induced by gentamicin. Results suggest synergism between vitamin E and selenium in attenuating the renal damage. The possible mechanism of attenuation is discussed.

6 Vitamin E and selenium may have anti-diuretic potential.


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