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Last week, we discussed on Experiential Learning Contributes to better Learning Experiences. We discussed on how concept of experiential learning has been thrown around quite frequently of late. It’s a growing trend in the teaching process that more and more schools have begun adopting. I hope you find it interesting.

This week, we want to talk on 5 Tips to Enhance Students’ Experience in your Institution.


Delightful students’ experience should always be high on the agenda of any educational establishment.


Word of mouth plays a big part in the marketing of any product and education is not different. If students don’t have a positive and enjoyable experience, which they believe meets their needs and offers value for money, a college or university is likely to notice a fall in number of applicants while its reputation declines.


Tip 1: Clarify roles of engagement

The new fee structure for university students has ignited debate about their role in quality enhancement: are students best viewed as customers, clients, partners or all of these?


I believe students need a voice and how they can use it to its best. When we the set up for students’ engagement in some institutions were reviewed, a multitude of opportunities for students which would allow them to enhance their university experience were found, but there was a need for effective communications to signpost and explain those opportunities. You need to make it as easy as possible for your students to be engaged. Click to Read More

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Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching

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