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Last time, we discussed on active learning. Active learning can make learning experience more interactive, inclusive, and help embrace different learning styles. Active learning places the student in a more central role in a classroom, and allows students to engage with the course and course content in a different way. I hope you find it interesting.


This week, we want to talk on Technology-enhanced learning for efficiencies and enhancement. Technology helps to make the staff/student relationship more productive with universities embracing it to improve teaching and enhance the learning experience.


‘Efficiency’ is a term which is still regarded with some suspicion by many people working in learning and teaching within higher education, due to its association with cost-cutting and a perceived trade-off with quality.


‘Efficiency’ is a term which is still regarded with some suspicion by many people


However, looking at the long hours worked by so many staff, I believe it’s crucial for everyone that universities ensure as far as possible that staff and student planning learning experience. Click to Read More


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Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching

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