Course Code: WMA 316

Course Title: Agrometeorology II

Number of Units: 2 Units

Course Duration: Two hours per week

Course Details :

Course Coordinator: Dr. Eruola Abayomi .O


Office Location: COLERM

Other Lecturers: Prof. N. J. Bello and Dr. Adejuwon

Course Synopsis

A general survey of climate-agriculture relationships classification of agrometeorological induces. The concepts of plant environment are the relationship between climate and plants biophysical environment. Geomorphic, Edaphic and Biotic factors. Major climate attributes in plant and
animal distribution. General climate aspect of pests and diseases of plants and animal. Forestry, fisheries. Water and energy budget of the plant environment. Modification of plants microclimatic environment modification of soil temperature regime, rain making, evaporation suppression and wind speed checks.


WMA 316 Lecture Note

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