Course Code: WMA 407

Course Title: Tropical Weather Systems

Number of Units: 3 Units

Course Duration:

Course Coordinator: Dr G. C. Ufoegbune


Office Location: Room B205, COLERM

Other Lecturers: Prof N. J. Bello

Course Synopsis

Definition of the meteorological Tropics: General characteristics of the tropical atmosphere, spatial and seasonal distribution of weather elements in the tropics. Insolation and temperature air masses, sub-tropical anticyclones, cloudiness, rainfall and evapo-transpiration, radiation and water balances in the low attitudes. Implications for agriculture and water resources management of the tropics. Basic features of planetary scale motion in the tropic aspects for tropical circulation. The sub-tropical high-pressure cell (STHs) the trade winds, the equatorial though, the Southeast Asian monsoons, the westerlies. Effects on tropical climate and agriculture.


WMA 407 Lecture Note

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