Course Code: WMA 411

Course Title: Agrometeorology III

Number of Units: 3 Units

Course Duration: 3 hours per week

Course Details:

Course Coordinator: Prof N.J. Bello. B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD


Office Location: Room B209, COLERM

Other Lecturers:

Course Synopsis

The nature of climate-agriculture relationships and the methods of their investigation. Specific effects of moisture and thermal Agro-meteorological indices on agricultural production. Effects of amount of spatial and temporal variation of precipitation (rainfall, dew, and fog). Insolation and photo-periodism, soil and air temperature, evapo-transpiration, cloud, wind and atmospheric humidity. Micro meteorological research in the boundary layer
below plant canopies, crop phenology and microclimate. Quantitative and qualitative effects of solar energy received at the earth’s surface, soil heat flux and soil temperature, carbon dioxide balance of the plants environment, wind towers and estimation of boundary layer characteristics. Inter-relationships of wind shelter, moisture conservation and plant growth.


WMA 411 Lecture Note


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