Course Code: WMA 415

Course Title: Weather Analysis and Prediction

Number of Units: 3 Units

Course Duration:

Course Details:

Course Coordinator:                  Dr G. C. Ufoegbune


Office Location: Room B205, COLERM

Other Lecturers: Prof N. J. Bello


Course Synopsis

Principles of objective analysis and numerical weather prediction; observational statistic, prediction of individual weather elements. Short range forecasting by various methods. Mesoscale analysis, convection systems, local winds and other weather phenomena. Barotropic and baroclinic forecast; surface analysis, analysis of constant pressure surfaces and other surfaces; cross-section analysis, numerical computation of map factors and of geostropic winds; static stability computation; satellite data and other modern techniques. Formulation of basic equations of motion: vector from Cartesian coordinate, continuity equation hydrodynamic equation, equation of state. General circulation of the atmosphere: vorticity,
divergence and deformation, static stability, circular vortex, and dynamics of mesoscace phenomena, atmospheric turbulence, and waves small-scale turbulence convection treatment of Barotropic and baroclinic waves.


WMA 415 Lecture Note

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