Course Code: WMA 507

Course Title: Agrometeorology IV

Number of Units: 3 Units

Course Duration: 3 hours per week

Course Details:

Course Coordinator: Prof N.J. Bello. B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD


Office Location: Room B209, COLERM

Other Lecturers:

Course Synopsis

Quantitative characterization of plants climatic environment. Statistical concept in plant climate relationship. Assessment of moisture and thermal Agro-meteorological indices for agriculture: predicting the onset, cessation and duration of the rains, rainfall variability, rainfall seasonality and precipitation effectiveness. Climatological assessment of water resources and soil loss. The concept of potential Evapo-transpiration, crop moisture
requirements and irrigation need: methods of improving water use efficiency. Concept of photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) and efficiency of energy conversion. Measurement of photosynthesis in the field, Quantification of crop yield-climate relationships under different management inputs; Pearson product moment correlation, simple linear regression analysis, principle component and factors analysis. Elementary stochastic models.

WMA 507 Lecture Note

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