The populations and profiles of moulds and yeasts species present in ogi during fermentation and storage at room temperature until spoilage sets in were determined. Yeasts counts increased throughout the fermentation period while moulds were present till 12 h of soaking; thereafter no mould population was observed again. During the storage period, initial yeasts counts (4.62±1.05 log cfu g-1) in the corn steep liquor increased and peaked at 8.96±2.00 log cfu g-1 on day 12, then reduced thereafter. Moulds were not isolated until day 10 and day 12 in the corn steep liquor and the ogi samples, respectively. The moulds isolated during storage include A. niger, A. flavus, Rhizopus nigrican and Penicillium sp. while the yeasts are Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain 1), Candida krusei (strain 1), C. krusei (strain 2), C. tropicalis, C. vini (strain 1) and Geotrichum candidum. The percentage of occurrence of A. niger was 12% on the 8th day, this however increased to 56% by the 20th day. Saccharomyces cerevisiae (18%) present at the beginning of storage reduced to 2% by the 10th day of storage while Candida krusei (15%) increased to 28% by day 20.

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